REMIO, is an Amercican writer. Member of crew : VTS THR 4N4.  Hit comes from this new generation that challenges the classic graffiti codes. Remio has distinguished itself with a style very focused on throw-up style and its “R” does constantly evolves and customized. More :


VENTS137,  always different arrows to his bow. It evolved between comics characters of the 80s and Vaughn Bodé work. But his talent is unlimited, he combines the letters and the characters brilliantly. More on his website :


APLE76  is a French graffiti artist! Member of : VMD 7$ DFP ADULTS. For over 20 years his style is constantly changing and yet always remains in the same logic and became timeless. His graffiti  lettering and character has become a reference. All are talented photographer news :


ILK is an independent graphic designer and graffiti writer came from Paris. He has always mixed graffiti typography and illustration to find a very clean style and hyper complex has both. his blog:


NEMCO  is an graffiti artist, from Italy. His style is a nice mixt between graffiti block letters and many characters  inspired by mythology and elements still life. More stuff :


SISMIK & AZOT, come from South of  France. They are like two brothers, they paint together since many years, and this completes wonderfully. Their works blend tags, throwup photography and abstract painting.More products :


OCNSM, is New York. Member of Atm / Map/ LFK crew.. It’s part of the new generation, writting on new support such as throwing, stickers, calligraphic lettering and the all embellished with sometimes cartoon character.


ZEKY1 came from Paris in France. It’s authentic flow that feels in his painting can be called an old school timer. His style evolve over the years both in the street and canvases to give a modern style.

formula 176

FORM 76  is an graffiti artist, from Hamburg in Germany. His artwork is based on the typographical deformation and galactik univers. He mixing classic letters with futuristic-style. To discover more of this amazing artist


MYGALO, come from Paris in  France.  He went to the new generation that reinvents the classic graffiti, and breaks all codes. He developed a graphic style very unmistakable and always with humor or provocation!. More on his site :


PRO 176, is from Paris. Member of Ub / GT/ RTZ crew.. He make a new form of Graffiti, with a style inspired by Jack Kirby’s and Marvel comic universe, futuristic abstract mathematics, alphabetical constructivism and the brutality of refined Picassonic facial cubism.. His web site:


FLAIR2 came from south of France. This guy have a real street credibility, these letters have always visibility, efficiency, quantities and made sure to be higher or bigger than others!! Real hard there is merciless and is exercised on all types of suppot with his French vandal style.


HEIS is a graffiti artist who come from Germany. Crew member JBCB it evolved in a very paradoxical style that makes all the magic of his paint. A flow that evolves between classic and futur graffiti with colors and effects way 2070. More of his work :


SOBEK & KCIS are 2 twins who represents Serbia. They form an amazing artist duo, use a combination of the figurative and abstract to create dramatic street art that is quickly gaining an international following. See more on:


GREMS  is an artist in all its splendor!! Graffiti-artist, graphic-designer and rap-music; he can excel in all these disciplines!! Grems have a very manimaliste style, quickly recognizable and always surprising. to follow his work:


OPIUM is a graffiti artist who come from Napoli in Italy. Always against the current for over 20 years, his style is unique and timeless. His work is in constant evolution between: Graffiti letters-throwup and tattoo style!!


TILT is an internationally recognized traditional graffiti artist, a self declared “graffiti fetishist”, he learned his trade in the streets and on trains as a youngster. That’s not worth to present a key figure in the graffiti .To see more about these updates at:


DIZASTER better known under the name of Dize is a graffiti artist Parisien. Member of the many crew like 156/Gt/Ub/Vmd/Uv/Tpk/D77
It’s a master of style in all discipline of graffiti. These flop, tag and other wildstyle are unmistakable. More on his blog


HORFÉE  is a member of the crew Pal/Gap/1984 ..
Graffiti Artist with many style and perpetual motion, he developped today his art on canvas with a style that’s so special to him and exhibited  around the world
More activity on


RESO, Soer or Resoner  is a graffiti artist from south of France . Member of the crew LCF/VMD/90DBC/WB
One of the most productive graffiti artist of his generation, he mastered to perfection the wild style complex 3d and all forms of lettering. Follow him on:


GRIS 1 is a graffiti-artist who comes from Lyon and member of the DMVcrew. His style is a special blend of bublle lettering and spagetti-style. See more on his blog:


POES is an international-artist the day and a graffiti-vandal the night. He comes from France and member of the crew 1up/Vmd/fat. His work is a mix of vintage letters and classic pop caracters. To see more of his work:


ROSY 1, is an Graffiti artist who comes from Switzerland.
It graff since the 90s with an oldschool style all its own. She has brought a true graffiti Bboy key and amazing character style. Her web site:


METRO & TOONE are member of the crew Ter/3zo’s/Omt/ ..
It’s two brothers made their class in south west of France. A style of their own and an obvious complementarity.
Their blog:


GEB come from south west of France and represent Lcf/Ga/65ers crew. Leopold works are in his image: stuffed aesthetic singularities. Today he traded spray-paint against a tattoo-gun. His work:


PANT 1 is a Spanish graffiti artist . Member of the crew UB
He radically changed the futuristic side of graffiti. It’s effects and lettering straight out of science fiction film .His blog:


SONICK  is a french graffiti writers member of the crew C4/PNC/DFP/TSH. He devellope an authentic and typographical style. In the street, he’s name is everywhere: stickers, truck, rail, roof, store .. To follow him:


DEPON  is a graffiti artist who come from Greece. Member of the crew Lcf Psgk and others. He developped complex and simple lettering to the faith from tattoo spirit and Mediterranean influence.


IZZY is a french Graffiti artist from Lyon. Member of AYCE ADULTS and founder of the blog Lectrics. It mixes with talent the 90’s comics of science fiction and futuristic lettering.
His blog:


JEROO Member of the JDI´s Crew is a graffiti artist based in Stuttgart. He began writing graffiti in 1993. With his distinctive style and continuous output, he internationally represents the German graffiti scene. .More of Jeroo’s work:


AZEK  is a french graffiti writer member of the crew Lec/Cz/Tn. His style is spraycanart 2.0 version with New York 90s wildstyle, he mixed with authenticity old school and new shool. Follow him on


FLYING FORTRESS, from Germany and member of JukeBox CowBoys;  He’s a pioneers of graffiti, and is one of the first to mix graphic-design, type, stickers and graffiti. He is often represented by little soldier bears he calls :”Teedy troopers”

EVERY YEAR SINCE THE EARLY 2000S, WE PRESENT WRITERS FROM THE GRAFFITI CULTURE WITH MANY DIFFERENT STYLE AND UNIVERS.Be they famous international artists or just graffiti vandals, we try with the same desire to promote these real artists who give to graffiti-writing these letters of nobility.